CLAT Study

In Part-1 we have discussed what you have to study and how much time to devote to each of the sections per day. We have briefly mentioned how much work is needed to be done. Now as the time of the exam has come, it is very important to remain calm & fit not only physically but also mentally.

Let’s discuss the mental preparation for the Exam:

  • Remember you are not a Superhuman: First of all, you should understand that you are not a superhuman so don’t try to push your limits beyond the sky.
  • Don’t be a night owl: It is highly recommended that you should study during the day and sleep well at night.
  • Meditate Regularly: May sound boring but it does wonder as this helps in increasing your concentration.
  • Eat Healthily: Home-cooked simple food is a boon for the stomach. Stick to it. Avoid eating outside to stay healthy.
  • Stay Hydrated: Wondering!! how it will help in your study?? Well, I have an answer, Studies have shown that 75% of our brain consists of water. The brain works well when we keep ourselves hydrated. But drink only clean water.
  • Practice More: Practice the syllabus regularly. It will help you in keeping your confidence up.
  • Don’t Start New: ‘Nothing new this month’ is the formula for your last month preparation as it will increase your stress level.
  • Don’t Compare: Please don’t let anyone’s preparation strategy affect you. You must understand that everyone is different. Believe in yourself.
  • Practice Mock Tests & Online Test Series: Now as you have though your syllabus, just practice one mock test or online test daily. 

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These tips are prepared by the toppers as well as the expert mentors. So, follow them to get assured success.

Keep Practicing,

All The Best!